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Are You Self Hired? | Words from K.Han [VIDEO]

Posted on April 13 2016

Kevin Han is one of our Brand Ambassadors with Self Hired - he also is a lifestyle consultant as well as athletic coach, working with entrepreneurs, athletes and those looking for the extra edge to achieve their goals inside and outside the gym.  Watch and listen as he shares his vision on what it means to be 'Self Hired'

Why we ARE ALL ‘Self Hired’

People usually hear of Self Hired and automatically think of a private owned incorporation or a self-employed business endeavor. Although in legal terms our company is technically a corporation it does not mean that by just having a business license is a true reflection of the Self Hired Philosophy.

Let me let you in on a little secret… We are ALL self-employed! You, me, the pizza guy, the mail man, the waitress, to the top CEO of a Fortune 500 company are all employed by SELF!

Don’t believe me? Well let’s dig deeper…

Who decided to get up this morning?

Who decided to eat fruit loops for breakfast?

Who decided to go into work?

Who decided to render their services to XYZ employer/company?

And who has the ability to leave XYZ employer/company?

The Reality

When you go to work you are just trading time for money, simple enough? Looking for an employer by sending resumes is really the same as giving some your business card or like a flyer on at the door. And when you go into an interview with a prospective employer, you’re really just giving them a sales presentation are you not? You provide services, people pay for them. It does not matter whether or not your name is on the building or on the product(s) you are handling, your time comes with a price. This is not just limited to the world of work and profession but also your health and your personal growth is all dependent on how you manage yourself. Thus, this would make you the CEO and President of YOU Inc.

If YOU really think about it YOU are the most important asset that matters in YOUR life. You are entitled just like any other living person to the same 24 hours a day. That means how you decide to render that 24 hours is completely up to you. Now I know that it is a little more complex than it sounds but if you really break it down you can begin to see that YOU are THE BUSINESS! And when you wake up each day you are selling yourself to the world hopefully adding more value to it, or you are poorly managing the company that you will run for the rest of your life, like it or not.

Insert favorite Jay-Z quote, “I’m not a businessman, I’m A business – man!” Haha

The True Boss

Let’s think about it for a minute, if you really were in charge of a multi-million dollar company, wouldn’t the direction of that company, the satisfaction of its customers and the bottom-line your responsibility at the end of the day? Listen, you ARE the BOSS because when it comes down to it no one has a gun to your head forcing you to do anything on any given day. The confidence this allows you to be self-sufficient no matter what the economy is doing, who your ‘employer’ or customer is. When you are the leader of your life, you have to be creative and open to ideas to progress in all aspects. You also have to watch out for the bad deals out there whether in your employment agreement or personal relationships. You are the one to check your health ‘inventory’ or happiness ‘shares’.

In the words of Ricky Ross, “[You] Are the Biggest Boss You’ve Seen Thus Far!”

The Paradigm Shift

The Self Hired Philosophy emphasizes that you are in charge of yourself, your actions and ultimately your own destiny. By changing the way you think about your value and how you live each day, you finally own up to everything and take full responsibility of your professional life, finances, health and happiness. This may seem overwhelming at first especially if you are currently in dire circumstances (i.e., unemployment, debt, bad relationships, or all of the above!) it may be hard to imagine yourself as CEO and President of your life BUT remember that unless you can be certain you are going to physically anytime soon, the beauty of YOU Inc. is that your resource of 24 hours is restocked every 24 hours. In that you can make small changes just like any CEO would to restructure their organization.

- Written by Kevin 'TQ' Han | | IG @kevintq_han